From me to you - Asha Ryan

From M.E. to You – and this one’s for the ‘best husband ever’!

The “best husband ever” has been nominated to receive a hamper in our great Christmas give-away. 

As we step up our campaign to recognise the MEA Association’s favourite unpaid carers, Asha Ryan says of husband Mickey: “He’s just amazing and I am just so thankful I have him in my life. Best husband ever!” 

The couple live in Bury, Greater Manchester. 

“I’d be lost without Mickey. He has stood by through 13 years of ME/CFS and is so supportive. He helps me practically, emotionally and mentally to get through each day. 

“He has a very demanding job and, because he is the only one bringing in the income, has to work hard to keep it. But,nevertheless, he always makes time for me. 

“He makes me lunch when he’s at home for dinner, breakfast too if he can. I rely on him absolutely to be the stand-in carer for our daughter, He also talks through things with me when I am worries, upset or struggling.” 

Thank you for nominating your special person, Asha.  

Over the next three weeks, we will be making random selections from the people you nominate and sending them Christmas hampers.  With their permission, we will be featuring some of the stories they have provided. 

Please don’t stop making nominations. We’ve received 160 so far so there’s a very good chance the person you nominate could receive one. 

To nominate you must be a member of the ME Association, or nominating someone who is a member. And the person you nominate must live in the UK.

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