Template letters covid and flu autumn 2022

New template letters for Autumn Covid booster and Flu vaccination

The MEA have produced two new template letters that you may like to use to support a request for the Covid Autumn Booster and/or the Flu vaccination should you have ME/CFS. Both letters are available to download for free from the website shop.

In regard to the Covid-19 Autumn Booster, GPs are advised to use their own discretion and clinical judgment when taking into account the risk of Covid-19 exacerbating any underlying disease that a patient may have, as well as the risk of serious illness from Covid-19 itself.

Similarly, in regard to the Flu vaccine, patients with ME/CFS should be eligible for a free vaccination because they have a chronic neurological disease and there is a risk that contracting influenza will exacerbate their symptoms and may even cause a relapse.

If you've decided to have either or both vaccinations, we sincerely hope you find these template letters useful. Dr Shepherd will be updating the information leaflet about Flu, Pneumonia, and Covid vaccinations in due course.

Template Letter: Covid-19 Vaccine: Autumn boosters & ME/CFS – Free Download

This template letter explains why people with ME/CFS are more vulnerable and if you wish to have the Autumn 2022 booster why you should be eligible.

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For more information and to read the reply from the Secretary to the Chief Medical Officer regarding the Autumn Booster and ME/CFS, please see the website blog here.

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Template: NHS Flu Vaccine Eligibility & ME/CFS

This letter explains that people with ME/CFS have a chronic neurological disease that is likely to be exacerbated if they catch the flu (influenza) infection and why they should be eligible for an NHS vaccine if they choose to have one.

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An image of a stethoscope and a vial of the flu vaccine with an overlay of the letter. The ME Association logo (bottom right)
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