New video on “What is ME/CFS?”

An excellent video from Youtuber Broken Battery covers what ME/CFS and talks about the dangers of the flawed exercise treatment is not part of the new NICE Guideline.

The video is produced by Adam @ABrokenBattery on Twitter.

Dr Charles Shepherd, Honorary Medical Adviser highlights the key clinical pathway recommendations from the new NICE guideline on ME/CFS published October 2021:

1 Early recognition of people who have ME/CFS symptoms (which often follow an acute infection) in primary care

2 GPs should be providing appropriate management advice whilst a diagnosis of ME/CFS is being suspected and made

3 GPs should be aiming to confirm a diagnosis of ME/CFS in primary care no later than three months from the onset of symptoms in both adults and children

4 At this point they should be able to refer the person on to a specialist centre where there is a multidisciplinary team that can confirm the diagnosis (as there is a high rate of misdiagnosis of ME/CFS in primary care), provide expert help on all aspects of management, and prepare an individual care an support plan

5 The specialist team should also provide management for people who are housebound with severe or very severe ME/CFS

6 There should be a separate service for children and young people with ME/CFS

7 Specialist services should provide information and guidance on relapses, benefits, education, employment, disability aids and nutrition

8 Following referral to a specialist team, future management and follow up may continue in secondary care, primary care, or in a mixture of both

9 All health professionals who are involved in the management of people with ME/CFS should be properly trained in ME/CFS and be aware of the recommendations in the new NICE guideline

Read the MEA NICE Guideline summary from the link below

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