Scottish applicants for disability benefits will not have to suffer degrading examinations

Scottish benefit applicants will not face ‘degrading functional examinations’

The Scotsman reports that the scottish minister for social security has stated that the “degrading” examinations used to assess a person's eligibility for disability benefits will no longer be used.


Ben Macpherson, Holyrood’s minister for social security, said the launch was a “significant milestone in the development of our new social security system, that will treat everyone with dignity, fairness and respect”.

“In our Scottish system no-one will be subject to DWP style assessments or degrading functional examinations, and we will never use the private sector to carry out health examinations,” the MSP promised.

“People will only be invited to a consultation on occasions when we require more information so we can make a decision.

“This will be a conversation with a health and social care professional to understand how a person’s disability or health condition impacts them.”

The Adult Disability Payment will be administered through Social Security Scotland and will replace the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is delivered by the UK government.

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