Lewes won=man forgotten by health services

Lewes ME/CFS woman ‘forgotten’ by health service

The Argus previously reported on a lack of provisions for people with severe ME, as only those with mild or moderate symptoms are able to access support at Haywards Heath Health Centre. For those who cannot leave their home there is nothing, while many people still deny the condition exists at all.


Christine Halsey has suffered with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) for 25 years, but is now unable to leave her bed as the condition gets worse.

The 77-year-old from Whitesmith, near Lewes, is supported entirely by her husband and said she has been “forgotten about” by the health service.

“It has been difficult. It cuts you off from family and friends. It is very lonely,” she said.

A so-called ‘ME expert’ in Oxford once told me to get out of my wheelchair and go on a world trip or holiday to Australia for six months, and this was a professional psychiatrist,” said Christine.

“How he thought I could do that – or even have the money to do that – is ridiculous.”

Geoff, also 77, and Christine admit they used to get angry when people denied the existence of ME, but now the feeling has developed into frustration.

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