Cheaper broadband for low incomes

Cheaper Broadband for Low Incomes

The Government has announced plans for giving discounted broadband connections to people on certain benefits. Details are available from the button below and some extracts are included here. There are more discounts available through the Government “Help for Households” scheme and a link to this information is shown below.


  • New system allows customers to give permission to broadband providers to confirm their eligibility for cheaper deals
  • Plans come alongside further deals secured by Cost of Living Business Tsar and former Just Eat boss, David Buttress, as part of the Government’s Help for Households campaign

A new service, which will go live next week and be run by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), will allow internet service providers to verify – with customers’ permission – whether they are in receipt of a relevant benefit and therefore eligible for extra financial support. 

Internet service providers will be required to gain customers’ consent before speaking to DWP about their eligibility. DWP will minimise the information provided, sharing nothing other than confirmation that the person is entitled to a qualifying benefit at the time of contact. This ensures that claimants’ data remains as safe as possible.

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