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NEW MEA booklet: Care and Support Plans

A key recommendation from the NICE Clinical Guideline is that NHS specialist services should be primarily responsible for creating and co-ordinating a care and support plan – although this can also be done in primary care by a GP.

This plan would be written in agreement with the patient or their representative and be regularly reviewed. It would form part of the ongoing care a patient should expect to receive from their specialist service and their GP and would be tailored to the individual. It would also be shared and reviewed with social care services should they be involved.

In this booklet, we have provided all the Guideline’s references to care and support plans and detailed the responsibilities of NHS primary and secondary care and social care services. We hope you can use it to explain to your healthcare providers what is required and that once a suitable care and support plan is established you will receive ongoing care and support.

This 14 page comprehensive booklet is available to download directly from the MEA website shop here

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