Forget the gilt frames, Sabrina is painting for the people

April 21, 2022

Art doesn't have to be serious, stuffy and stuck in gilt frames. It can be fun, frivolous and – as Sabrina Ki is about to show us – it can do the charity good as well.

Sabrina, a youth theatre assistant at the Theatre Royal in York, is inviting you to send her photographs of your favourite view, that person you've got a crush on or your little darling of a pet and she will paint you their picture in return.

And, instead of paying the fee to the artist, this 24-year-old artist who was born in Hong Kong will instead donate her fee to the ME Association. She'll get busy in watercolours, alcohol-based markers, coloured pencils or with digital art in Procreate as soon as her clients prove they've paid the MEA.

“Art has always been something I've enjoyed doing in my spare time and creating artistic interpretations from photos is really fun and fulfilling.”

“My inspiration largely stems from words, music and nature – anything that reminds me of human connection or tells a story.”


Sabrina, who is also a freelance editor with a background in archaeology and anthropology, took an interest in the ME Association when she discovered us after wanting to help the sibling of a friend who has severe M.E.

“I heard about how currently there's no cure, about the need for more research and of course the funds to pay for this research. The charity seems to have the right ideas to turn this round. I like that!”

Life's been busy this year as Sabrina has had to keep her head down while applying for university places and starting the new job at the Theatre Royal. She had wanted to knuckle down to the charity work in the winter but life got in the way.

But now, with Spring in full blossom, she's managed to open up her diary to be able to take on these new art commissions in time for ME Awareness Month in May.
Here's some of her sample prices:

  • £25 moderately complex landscape or seascape
  • £45 complex landscape (a waterfall, for instance)
  • £60 half body full painting with complex background (such as a rower on a lake lit by colourful sunset clouds)
  • £70 full body full painting with complex background (like a person reading by a lakeside)

Postage will be charged separately and discussed when the commission is being taken.

“Because I don't paint full-time, the time lag between accepting an order and mailing it out will usually be a week to 10 days. Let's hope it goes well for the charity”, Sabrina added.

To look Sabrina up and then place your order, visit her website


£25 moderately complex landscape

£45 example of a complex landscape painting

£60 example of a half body full painting with complex background

£70 example of full body painting with a complex background

Sabrina Ki Self-Portrait

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