Introducing the wonderfully designed ‘Only ME’ journal!

November 2, 2021

Have you ever scoured the internet trying to find that one journal that would tick all the boxes? Well…. The ‘Only ME’ journal has been specifically designed for people who have ME/CFS and the ME Association team have included sections and spaces for everything we feel you might need.

Our ‘Only ME’ 110 page journal is jam packed with helpful pages and spaces to record symptoms, how you are feeling, medications, hospital appointments, a reminder to keep hydrated, nutrition advice, pacing tips, poems and activities that you might be able to do and could bring a bit of joy into your life! Plus this high quality journal can be started at any time that suits you. It has easy tick boxes, how you are feeling emojis, symptoms and hydration for the days you may be relapsing or have an exacerbation of symptoms and you do not feel able to record anything that day.

We’ve put a lot of thought and energy into designing a journal that suits as wide a range of people with ME/CFS as possible. However, we are aware those with severe ME may need help from a family member to read and complete the journal. It’s full of helpful pages to track symptoms that we also felt might be helpful for anyone who is learning to pace to identify activities that caused relapses or an exacerbation and to reflect on how to best to manage your energy.

Journalling and writing your feelings down can also can help some people with their mental health and well-being, which is why we’ve added creative activities, poetry, quotes and spaces to record the good and the not-so-good parts of your week. We genuinely feel that many people with ME will find the journal helpful, as it’s very practical and a great for organisation, reminders, documenting symptoms and keeping everything in one place.

‘Only ME’ is colourful journal that is aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful addition to our new products for people with ME/CFS. It is available in our shop now for £14.95 and would make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone with ME/CFS or a great gift ‘to you, from you!’ 

Get your ‘Only ME’ journal today in time for Christmas gifting, or to start in January 2022 or for anytime you wish to start journalling!

We’d really enjoy hearing your feedback, so please do take a photo of your favourite calendar and/or notelet image, it would be great to see them displayed in your home. You can contact us via email: or tag us on social media (@meassociation): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).  

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