Give-a-Car prove themselves as the ideal fundraising partner!

November 16, 2021

Our fundraising partner, Give-a-Car, quite took our breath away this year!

On two occasions, they gave us some free money after a couple of deals that supporters put their way didn't make as much as hoped for.

On one occasion, a gentleman in Scotland called in Give-a-Car to dispose of an old vehicle. It only fetched £38.20 when it went to be scrapped. The company then did us a big favour – rounding up their donation to the ME Association to a totally unexpected £100.

The next time it happened was when a sale of £138.20 was converted into a donation to us of £189.94.

We're delighted to say that we've been building up a healthy head of steam at Give-a-Car since the beginning of the year.

A total of 23 people asked them to get rid of their old cars, cans and motorbikes. This resulted in a grand total coming into the charity of £4,489.97.

The latest donations came in on 25th October. Three sales to either the scrap merchants or the car auctions raised £1,364.61, including one donation coming our way from Northern Ireland of just over £1,000.

Earlier in the year, Give-a-Car featured us as their charity of the month on their website – for two months in a row!

Thank you everyone who took part in the scheme. To use this hassle-free way of getting rid of your old banger, please phone 0207 736 4242, or visit their website here

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