Physios for ME survey on heart rate monitoring in ME/CFS

October 1, 2021

Can you help our physiotherapy colleagues at Physios for ME?

Help is needed in conducting an international survey of experiences and attitudes towards Pacing using a heart rate monitor. People with ME/CFS often use heart rate monitors to help pace their activities. However, there has been very little research exploring the use and peoples experiences of this approach.

The aim of this study is to explore the experiences of and attitudes towards pacing with a heart rate monitor (HRM) in people with ME/CFS.

The survey has 40 questions, virtually all with tick boxes to make the questions easier to answer. There are some free text boxes if you want to add in some extra information about your experience of HRM.

There are some demographic questions, questions about the type of device that you use, the benefits and difficulties of HRM, the effect of HRM on symptom severity, a few questions about HRV, whether you feel you have been harmed by HRM, attitudes of those around you to HRM etc .

There is an email address at the end to contact the researcher if you are happy to be interviewed about your experience of HRM.

The MEA works very closely with Physios for ME and our Ramsay Research Fund is funding Professor Nicola Clague-Baker and the team at the University of Leicester to carry out the first ever research study here in the UK involving cardiorespiratory exercise testing (CPET) in ME/CFS

More details on this research here.

How can I take part?

The first step is to read the patient information sheet from the button below and you will find a link to the survey.

You can find out more about heart rate monitoring and ME/CFS here.

Dr Charles ShepherdHon Medical Adviser, MEA

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