Severe ME Week 2021: My thoughts for the day…

August 8, 2021

My journey has been a difficult path of highs and lows, battles and victories, but with many battles lost.   I never wanted to be such a fighter, but life had other plans for this wee soul.   

Every day, I'd step out into the world, mainly determined and ready to tackle whatever obstacles come my way. I will be the first to tell you that i get knocked down more than not, but then always gets back up and keep fighting. 

I'm not wired up to quit- not on my life, not on some of my illnesses, the people that depend on me or the dreams I want to still have and hopefully achieve.  

Some people marvel at my strength, thinking I've always been so tough.. 

They have no idea the number of times that I've been broken and somehow put herself back together again. 

Each time, I came back stronger, wiser and better for it.  

I never hang onto the broken hearts or the very bad times. 

I've just learned and grown from each experience.  

One experience to another.  

The woman you see today with a warrior spirit and a kind heart of gold has paid dearly for everything she has been through and sadly there will be more to come.  

I wanted to give up, stay down and just give in so many times, but knew I still had much more to seek and many others to try and help still.  

So, when you see me smiling through my tears, laughing through my pain and battling for new hope, better health, joy, and happiness appreciate me, respect me, love me and all that I am if you can.  

And despite all the odds sometimes stacked against me I've always managed to find my way, my path.  

That’s because I've learned many lessons:

I know how to keep flying higher with my broken wings. 

And no matter how hard life tries to bring me down, I will always rise again. 

Sheila (Aged 60+)

NB. Stock image used to protect anonymity 

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