August 4, 2021

The BMJ reports 3 members of the NICE guideline committee have left the group just before publication of the final set of guidelines for the treatment of ME/CFS. This is in addition to Dr Charles Shepherd leaving the group a few days ago due to conflicts of interest – see article here.

The members who have left are:

Michael Beadsworth a consultant in infectious diseases and clinical director specialist in academic medicine at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, and clinical lead for ME/CFS regional service

Gabrielle Murphy clinical lead of the fatigue service at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Joanne Bond-Kendall senior physiotherapist at the specialist paediatric ME/CFS service at the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Trust

The departures suggest divisions within the committee over the guideline's final contents, which is an update of the 2007 guidance on diagnosing and manging ME/CFS

BMJ article

For extra comment on this see this from Brian Hughes which includes the article from the BMJ. (The BMJ article can be read only with a login to the site)

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