Be Creative! Take the 2.6 Challenge | 21 April 2020

April 21, 2020

Tony Britton, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

Be creative! Do so something out of the ordinary round the house or in the garden. If you’re more energetic, run a little every day during your allowed daily exercise and end up completing your own marathon. Wear fancy dress and get your neighbours’ net curtains twitching…

Raise a laugh, own the street, go barking mad (with or without the dogs) but do remember to join The 2.6 Challenge starting on 26th April – when you’ll earn the everlasting gratitude of The ME Association.

As announced yesterday, we’re taking part in this nationwide challenge to raise money for Britain’s charities who’ve seen donations fall through the floor since we were all hit by the coronavirus. 

The 2.6 Challenge, put together by the creators of some of the biggest mass participation events in the world, begins this Sunday – the day the 26-mile London Marathon should have been held. 

It’s a fun event and we are asking you to dream up an activity – the sillier the better and based round the numbers 2.6. or 26 or a generous stretch to 260 – and fundraise for us that day or at any time during the following week.

Please ensure that whatever you choose to do that it is something you can manage. The last thing we want is to see people with M.E. suffering as a result of their good intentions.

We will be coming up with more ideas suitable for those who are disabled, but in the meantime you might find some inspiration below, on the official website, and in the many social media discussions.

The 2.6 Challenge will be open to anyone of any age. The main requirements are that your activity must follow the Government guidelines on social distancing, and you must stay local.

Social Media Frenzy

Britain’s social media were full of it yesterday (#TwoPointSixChallenge).

Ideas knocking about included: Catching a ball 26 times. Hula-hooping 26 times. Walking 2.6km (that’s 3,412 steps). Doing some Pilates stretches for 26 minutes. 26 laps of the garden on foot, scooter, or roller skates.

Someone was even putting together their own pyramid selling scheme – persuading 26 friends and relatives to engage in the silliness and then donating £2.60 for each completed challenge. 

And they were all making sure to share the fun and laughter on video and photos and putting those on their fundraising pages.

Please Support Michelle G!

An ME Association supporter immediately took up the challenge. 

History buff Michelle G who has had M.E. for 17 years promised to weave a 2.6m woollen braid using a lucet, a two-pronged tool from the Viking age.

Normally that would be almost a day’s work, but she will stretch it out in 10-15 minute stints over a number of days.

Please support Michelle’s Challenge

The Local Landmarks 2.6. Challenge

Our own events partner – the organisers of the Local Landmarks Challenge – temporarily reconfigured their event to become the Local Landmarks 2.6 Challenge.

Work the numbers 2.6., 26, or 260 into one of their walks, jogs or runs round landmarks in your neighbourhood, send in a picture afterwards and you qualify for one of their exclusive medals.

Help Save The ME Association

Please take part and create a fundraising event, or simply make a donation to help keep the ME Association going through this time of strife.

Visit The ME Association JustGiving page and Get Involved. JustGiving are waiving all fees for this event as are other fundraising platforms.

If you need any help or support or want to discuss your ideas, then please contact Tony Britton, Fundraising Manager for The ME Association. You can contact him by email, or phone: 01406 370 293 or 07946 760 811.

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