MEA Website Survey: Support for M.E. in Education | 04 September 2019

September 4, 2019

Russell Fleming, Content Manager, ME Association.

September marks the beginning of the new academic year for many families in the UK. However, education can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for many people with M.E.

For this month’s survey, we’d like to ask about your experiences, if any, of the support you received from your educational institution during your studies:

If you were/are a pupil/student with M.E. what level of support did you receive from your school, college or university to help you manage your condition and remain in education?

  • Excellent Support
  • Good Support
  • Adequate Support
  • Patchy Support – It was sometimes helpful, sometimes not
  • Unhelpful Support
  • Detrimental Support
  • No Support – I was unable to continue my studies and had to drop out
You will find the website survey on the homepage of the website. It appears about halfway down the page, just below the ME Biobank promotion.

What do you feel should constitute good support from your school, college or university? If things need improving, what sort of improvements would you like to see?

If you would like to share your experiences, and expand on your answers to our survey, please post comments below or on our social media:

You may also find the following from the ME Association to be useful:

Both of these are available for download from the website shop.

If you’re seeking additional support and information we would recommend Tymes Trust, who are dedicated to helping children and young people with M.E. and their families. You can find their contact details here.

To all those beginning or continuing their studies this month, we hope that the academic year is as kind as possible to you.

If you’d like us to consider publishing a blog about your experiences with education and M.E., then please let us have a short summary explaining what you would like to do via via email to:

The final results from last month's website survey.

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