Turning a Passion for Wildlife into Prints for M.E. | 08 July 2019

July 8, 2019

Jen Taylor is very kindly raising money for the ME Association by selling her fabulous limited edition animal prints. Here she explains all about her M.E. and how she completes her art mainly from bed.

This lovely squirrel, striking a pose for my camera, is my favourite visitor to my garden, even though he’s only here to raid my bird feeders!  I see him through my window while I'm resting and sometimes it seems like I inspire him to have a rest himself as he has taken to falling asleep on the tree or curling up in the hanging basket.

I've had ME for 7 years following a sudden illness (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome).

It took over a year to get my official diagnosis and this was a worrying and lonely time, not understanding what was going wrong with my body and why I couldn't recover.

When I finally got my diagnosis, the ME Association were there for me with information and support.

Now I want to both give something back to this charity and to support others with ME.

I don't have any artistic training – it's only since having ME and needing to give up work that I started getting into art.

So that's one of the positive things that has come out of my illness. I sketch my designs in bed and then carve a little whenever I have the energy.

It's really helped me to release some of the frustration of being stuck indoors for so much of my time.

Very Limited Editions

I want to raise money for the ME association by selling some of my lino-cut prints. I make original prints based on my own drawings and photos.  I’ve just a few prints as yet but I'm really excited to keep learning and printing.

Each of my prints is limited edition – VERY limited – there will be just 10 prints of each edition for this sale. 

Each of the prints I'm selling is hand carved and printed. Please understand due to the handmade nature – each print may look a little different from these images here.

This squirrel is priced at £25 (A4 printed on quality acid-free Fabriano paper).
And I met this friendly Buffalo in Hoi An Vietnam, many years ago. 
His print (again taken from my photo) is just £15 (again A4 printed on quality acid-free Fabriano paper).

Fundraising manager, Helen Hyland, writes:

“For instructions on how to purchase one of these lovely images, please visit Jen’s JustGiving page – and remember to tick the box that allows her to contact you or she won’t receive your address.”  

“If you want to see more examples of her work, or to make further enquiries, please visit Jen’s Facebook page.”

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