Fundraising Feature: Started your Christmas shopping yet? Novel gift ideas. | 08 November 2018

November 8, 2018


Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

I hope it is OK to start talking about Christmas now that Halloween is over…

Our family loves the run up to Christmas Day, especially the decorating of our house with all manner of Christmas stuff.

Episcopal Choir.

We don’t just decorate the tree, we spread tinsel, candles, Christmas lights, Christmas figures and more all throughout the whole house.

As part of this family tradition, we buy a little something new each year – to add to our collection.

We like the novel stuff – perhaps something from a Christmas market, or even something homemade and unique.

So, it will come as no surprise that these little figures are top of my list this Christmas!

(I do hope Mr Hyland is reading this…. as these would look perfect on my study windowsill – where I can look up and see them as I am working.)

The figures are made by the ME Association’s marketplace fundraiser Isabel Butler.

Isabel writes:

“As an ME sufferer (since 2002) that disrupted my career in Fine Art, I am now very limited in what I can do.”

Nativity Characters.

“I started to sit up in bed with a tray on my lap as I wanted to create again. A few years ago, I had the idea to make a very simple Nativity set on a tiny scale (see photos).”

“I posted a picture online and a lady wanted me to make her one. I sometimes make things for someone free of charge and in this instance, it was gifted to her.”

“Fast forward a year and I started making the Tiny Choirs alongside the Nativity sets.”

“I managed (with a lot of help) to take part in a School Christmas Fayre and was stunned they sold out in less than one hour!! People just couldn’t get enough of them.”

“This year I have concentrated more on the choirs. I have made a variety of them either for my shop or for special commissions.”

“I have made special gospel choir, episcopal choir (a commission with separate accessory bag and shimmering white Christmas tree), a ladies only (commission for a special choir that rehearse every fortnight and will perform in a local Church and some homes for elderly folk over the Christmas season), or simply choirs of angels (white and sparkly with gold and silver headbands and sashes).”

Angelic Choir.

“The choirs generally comprise 6 figures (one choir leader and five singers – the tallest of which stands around an inch tall), plus a street lamp, two model presents, plus backing tissue paper and yellow circle which can be used to create a backdrop and/or a circle of light from the streetlight, to add to the fun).”

“They all come in an oversized matchbox (7” x 4”) which is where they live and acts as part of the display.”

“Please note, all my work is covered by a U.K. copyright. All rights reserved.”

“I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you and have a good Christmas.”

Please browse through some of the images and get in touch if you would like anything special. Prices start at around £20 for each group. Proceeds again will come to the ME Association and are available from Isabel’s etsy shop and Facebook page.

Helen adds, “Thank you, Isabel, for sharing these joyful festive images with us. I know so many supporters of the ME Association that sing with choirs at Christmas, and I’m sure that I won’t be the only person that these characters appeal to.”

The ME Association Christmas Appeal

More Research for M.E. in 2019

If you would like to support our Christmas Appeal, which aims to raise vital funds for more biomedical research in 2019, then please:

  • Visit our JustGiving page to start fundraising or to make an online donation,
  • Send a cheque payable to The ME Association (with a note saying that it is for the Christmas Appeal) to ME Association, 7 Apollo Office Court, Radclive Road, Gawcott, Buckinghamshire, MK18 4DF.
  • Make a donation by card over the phone to head office (01280 818964).

For more information, visit the Christmas Appeal page of our website. Thank you.






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