MEA Summary Review: The search for biomarkers in ME/CFS using Raman spectroscopy | 06 September 2018

September 6, 2018


Charlotte Stephens, ME Association, 06 September, 2018.

This is a new pilot study funded by the ME Association Ramsay Research Fund that introduced a relatively new technique and provided for some intriguing results.


“It is becoming clear that metabolic/energetic dysfunction plays a role in ME/CFS. More information is required to determine if these differences are driving the illness or are a consequence of having ME/CFS.

“Single Cell Raman Spectroscopy is an exciting new tool which can give a readout on aspects of intracellular metabolism. Live cells/tissue are not required, which if the approach is successful, will be a major benefit in developing a diagnostic test.”

Dr Karl Morten

About the study

Dr Morten and Prof Wei Huang (Department of Engineering) from Oxford University, attempted to link mitochondrial dysfunction and ME/CFS pathogenesis by comparing the ‘fingerprint’ of a cell model containing no mitochondrial DNA (known as ‘ρ0’) to the ‘fingerprint’ of molecules from the blood cells of ME/CFS patients… (click below to read more).

We have made this summary research review available for free.

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