Can you help? We need short video clips for a Sky One series ‘What’s up TV’ that will campaign for M.E. | 25 May 2018

May 25, 2018


Following a very successful ME Awareness Week, Sky One have been in touch and want to champion M.E. as a campaign for their series ‘What's Up TV'.

This is another terrific opportunity for you to tell the wider world just how M.E. affects your life and to raise any issues you feel are important.

Robyn Beaumont, a researcher for the programme, explains what is required below.

She has also sent two of their previous campaigns so that you can judge for yourself how well they have approached other  medical topics.

The deadline for videos is Friday 1st June. Sorry it is so tight. It couldn't be helped.

Robyn explains:

“I am a researcher on a Sky One programme called What’s Up TV. We are an arts and culture magazine show with a reach of 100,000 households, and we have a young demographic of 16-25.

“Every series we pick a campaign – this is generally a cause we feel deserves more attention – and this series our campaign is M.E.

“As part of this campaign I am producing an item on M.E. This item will give an introduction about the disease to our viewers – how it affects patients, and the challenges the community currently faces.

“As part of this it would be fantastic to feature the voices of people who live with the condition – this would entail people sending in short videos (no more than 20 seconds) of individuals speaking about the condition and their life to camera.

“This could be how having M.E. has changed their life, the medical treatment and support available to them or the level of awareness they believe M.E. currently has. The videos will be cut together and used as part of the item.

“The videos should be as high quality as possible, but a phone recording would be fine.


“They can be sent to my email address preferably in MP4 form and titled ‘My M.E. Video’.

“I would really appreciate your help in telling the story of the M.E. community.

“Below I have linked a couple of our previous campaigns, so you can get an idea of what we are working towards.

“Thank you.”

Robyn Macrory-Beaumont

Please be sure to send your 20-second video-clips to Robyn Macrory-Beaumont and not to the ME Association on this occasion. Thank you.


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