ME Awareness Week: ‘Please stop a while and think what it would be like…’ by Mary Corbett |15 May 2018

May 15, 2018


Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

Mary Corbett is one of my fundraising heroines. She's been fundraising for the ME Association nearly as long as I've been here. She's one of our most dedicated, successful, and committed supporters.

Her fundraising idea is simple but effective – to invite different competitive cyclists to join her for a ‘Tandem Tart’ cycle ride. Donations to her fundraising page are often generated by her popular blog posts.

She starts every account of her cycle partnerships with “If everything goes to plan….”. Her stories are light hearted, funny, whimsical, and always entertaining.

Until now…

Last week, for ME Awareness Week, she took the decision to share the other side of M.E. It's a side that we all recognise, but we don't always talk about.

Well done Mary. And thank you for all you do for M.E. and for the ME Association.


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