Can you host the ME Association’s Autumn Roadshow this year? | 26 January 2016

January 26, 2016

We want to head north with our annual ‘M.E. Question Time' this autumn – but we are still chasing possible venues.

We ask local M.E. groups if they would like to co-host the event and, because we rotate the event around the UK, ideally this year we would like to hold it in Yorkshire or the North East of England.

Recent ‘M.E. Question Times' have been held in Shrewsbury in Shropshire, Liskeard in Cornwall, Oxford, and in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

Panellists are usually MEA medical adviser Dr Charles Shepherd, our paediatric adviser Dr Nigel Speight, executive director of the Young M.E. Sufferers Trust Jane Colby, MEA diet and nutrition adviser Sue Luscombe and a local senior health professional, if one is available. They take questions on anything and everything to do with ME/CFS.

Dr Shepherd commented: “If we really can't find a co-host in Yorkshire or the North East, we are willing to consider other parts of the UK – providing we have not held the event there recently.

“MEA Question Time normally takes place on a Saturday afternoon (2pm to 5pm) between September and November,

“There is no expense to the local group – The MEA pays for the hire of the venue, any equipment, travel and other expenses for panel members, and so on.

“What we do ask of a local group is to find a suitable venue – it could be a hall, a hotel, or a school – and deal with some of the practical arrangements at the venue on the day.

“MEA Question Time meetings have proved to be very popular and usually bring in around 100 or more people.”

If you would like to volunteer your group as the local host, please get in touch. Email

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