Have you a head for research and an eye for detail? | MEA job vacancy | 13 August 2015

August 13, 2015

The ME Association are looking for someone to help Dr Shepherd with his steadily increasing workload at our Ramsay Research Fund. At present, he is running numerous, diverse projects.

Current or previous experience of carrying out, administering, financing or supervising research would be welcome.

This would be a part-time, home-based paid position – hours to be negotiated. Initially, this would be about one half day a week.

Knowledge or personal experience of ME/CFS would be preferable. So this position would be suitable for someone with ME/CFS who is not able to work at present but is able to do some part-time activity, or a relative or carer who has a research background.

The work would mainly involve:

* Helping to monitor all the existing research we are funding – eg,sending out reminders to make sure progress reports are obtained and distributed to trustees
* Liaising with the MEA finance office to make sure quarterly payments are made and helping to keep our e-research folders up to date. This could involve occasional visits to the MEA office in Buckingham
* Providing administrative support for meetings connected to research
* Attending Biobank Steering Group meetings in London every three months and helping with Minute preparation, etc
* Assisting with preparation of contractual arrangements
* Preparing website statements about research matters
* Dealing with enquiries and correspondence from members about research

If you are interested in applying, please send brief information about your current work situation, your experience in relation to research, and why you would like this job.

This should be sent to Dr Shepherd c/o admin@meassociation.org.uk

Please note that all money raised for the Ramsay Research Fund is spent on actual research. Funding for this post will come from our general funds.

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