Join the chat on BBC Radio Bristol on July 8 – help Naomi widen people’s experience of M.E. | 7 July 2015

July 7, 2015

John Darvall, BBC Radio Bristol

Naomi Whittingham writes:

Following the huge response to their recent coverage of the ME, BBC Radio Bristol are planning a phone-in on the illness on the John Darvall Show this Wednesday (8th July).

Mum and I have been asked to take part, and the team are keen to hear from anyone else who would be willing to share their experiences. It doesn't matter where in the country (or even the world) you live.

Anna the producer says:

“If there's anybody that definitely wants to talk and share their story, they can email me their details and we can call them on the day- but there is also the capacity for them to call in themselves on the day.

“The number, for Wed between 9am and 10am, is 0345 9005 949 and we'd be happy to talk to as many people as possible. They are more than welcome to text 81333 starting their message with the word BRISTOL or they can email John Darvall at or me at”

I have found both John, the presenter, and Anna, the producer, to be extremely sympathetic.

If you wish to hear the item they broadcast last week, you can do so here:

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