‘Operation Meet The Street’ TV show highlights a young marriage blighted by M.E. | 18 December 2014

December 19, 2014


In a week-long series on BBC 1 this week called ‘Operation Meet the Street', celebrity chef James Martin has been meeting other celebs in streets where they grew up, getting them to meet local folk and then set up social networks to beat loneliness.

In episode 4 on Thursday (December 18) at 9.15am, the chef met Alex Jones – her off ‘The One Show' – in Ammanford. They met a young couple, Kate and Chris Davies, who now rarely get out of the house because of her M.E.

The couple have been together since they met at school when they were both 17. Kate became ill in her first year at Cardiff University when she was 19 and Chris eventually stopped being a history student to become her full-time carer.

She has to use a stairlift and tells the chef that the last time she went out was two weeks previously, to see the doctor.

The presenters arrange a special treat for the isolated people they meet on the programme – an afternoon tea with entertainment at the local Pensioners' Hall where they are introduced to other Ammanforders.

Watch the programme on the BBCiPlayer for the next 28 days HERE.

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