Foggy goes round the world to raise money | The News, Portsmouth | 10 November 2014

Foggy visited the Tower of London recently – a moment we captured on the front cover of the last MEA magazine
Foggy visited the Tower of London recently – a moment we captured on the front cover of the last MEA magazine
LITERARY legend Phileas Fogg famously went around the world in 80 days. Fine if you are a human, but it’s a tall order for a cuddly toy.

Still, 9cm-tall Foggy has already clocked up 38,000 miles and covered three continents in his globetrotting mission to raise £10,000 for charity.

It is hoped Foggy can clock up one million miles in 12 months.

The wacky money-spinner is the brainchild of Southsea’s Sally Callow, who has always dreamed of travelling the world but is restricted by a debilitating condition Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME).

So the 38-year-old posts her teddy dog to her large network of friends at home and abroad.

They take photographs of Foggy in far-flung locations, with New Zealand, Florida, Iceland and the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey already in the holiday album.

The next stops for the jet-setter are Jordan, Spain, India, Australia and Japan.

Sally, a library assistant, said: ‘I wanted Foggy to look like my own dog Patch, who is great with me when I’m having a bad day.

‘I chose the name Foggy because of the brain-fog that ME sufferers have on a daily basis.

‘Foggy’s having some wonderful adventures.

‘I will never go to most of the places he’s visiting. I’ve got relatives in Australia, but I can’t dream of going because I know the flight would wipe me out.’

Donations have already reached £1,500.

The money will be donated to the ME Association, which supports ME sufferers and funds research.

Sally was diagnosed in 2010.

She added: ‘When I describe my illness to people, I say, “Imagine the worse flu you’ve ever had, on the very worst day. The way your body aches”. I will go without a meal, because I haven’t got the energy to cook.’

Helen Hyland, from ME Association, said: ‘What’s desperately needed is more research.’


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