Ritalin and mitochondrial nutrient combination being trialled as treatment for CFS | American study | 13 June 1004

June 13, 2014

A clinical trial using a combination of low-dose ritalin and a closely-guarded mitochondrial nutrient formula to treat chronic fatigue syndrome is under way in four clinics in the USA. Ritalin (methylphenidate) is widely used to treat children with attention deficit disorder.

The company behind the trial, K-Pax Pharmacueticals, based in Mill Valley, California, says early results from the 90 patients already taking the formula – code-named KPAX002 – show rapid and sustained reductions in fatigue as well as improvements in concentration. The drug is said to be well tolerated by patients.

News of the trial travelled across the Atlantic yesterday when Dr Andreas Kogelnik's Open Medicine Foundation sent out a round-robin email saying that recruitment to the trial is still under way – with another 40 patients needing to be enrolled by August 1.

Enrol and you will be involved a three-month trial – with a total of four in-person visits plus two or three phonon calls.phone calls. Remuneration is provided at $50 per visit (after the screening visit) to cover expenses. A free three-month supply of KPAX002 will also be provided to all who complete the trial.

For more information, call “The Hope Line” 1-855-318-HOPE (4673); K-PAX Research Coordinator, D.adolphs@kpaxpharm.com

K-Pax have also produced a YouTube video about the trial which they've named ‘The Synergy Trial'. It can be viewed HERE.

The full text of the Open Medicine Foundation statement can be found HERE.

California-based K-Pax Pharmaceuticals say they are a company that is “engaged in the development and commercialisation of products that bolster the immune system
and treat fatigue”. They describe their clinical trial HERE.

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