MA student asks for help in understanding the ESA obstacle course | 14 June 2013

June 14, 2013

A documentary and journalism student at the University of Sussex would like to hear about the experiences – good or bad – of people with ME/CFS in claiming Employment and Support Allowance for his final MA project.

Alex Philpott, who has a friend with ME who has had tremendous difficulties in claiming ESA, will want compare to case studies as well as include a lengthy section on what it is like living with the illness.

“My deadline is September 2nd, however i'd really like to get all the information in by August 1st so I can edit it” said Alex.

“As for the length of statements its very much up to the writer, less than 500 words would be ideal, and even if its just a few paragraphs it'll be great.

“I'd like people to also know that this article is primarily going to be used for a University project, however I might look to getting it published at a later date. In this case people are welcome to use pseudonyms or their real names, I will do whatever suits people and of course, respect their privacy.”

If you would like to help Alex understand more about the subject, please email him at

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