Next meeting of All Party Parliamentary Group on M.E. | 15 January 2013

December 2, 2012

On Wednesday 4 July 2012, a meeting of the All-Party Group on M.E. (APPG) which was to focus on the severely affected regrettably, had to be postponed. However, the members of the APPG are still committed to understanding more about the lives of people with severe M.E.

In the meantime, the next meeting of the APPG will be held on 15 January 2013, Committee Room 13, 3.30pm and will focus on Welfare. Minister for Work and Pensions Mark Hoban MP and a representative from Atos will be invited to hear concerns raised by the members of the APPG (attendance subject to confirmation.)

For full details please see the agenda.

Whilst these meetings will not be open to members of the public, if you have any particular points you would like to raise, please contact your constituency MP, or for general queries contact the secretariat.

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