Follow up to ‘Atossed aside’ | Private Eye | 5-18 October 2012

November 2, 2012

Dr Jane Hunt has been in touch following the ‘Private Eye' story last month about her abysmal treatment when she went for an ATOS medical assessment for Employment and Support Allowance and the “semi-literate” statement of reasons given by the Tribunal Service for turning her down.

Dr Hunt, a former research fellow at Lancaster University, wrote from her home in Stornaway in the Outer Hebrides, to tell us that the Tribunal Service has set aside the decision and will now hold a new hearing with a different judge and medical assessor.

“I have also lodged a formal complaint against the judge and medical advisor on grounds of incompetence, and made a formal complaint to the Information Commission due to their continued breach of medical confidentiality,” wrote Dr Hunt.

“Whether the Private Eye article influenced their decision I have no means of knowing. In any event, it is good news as I think it shows that it is worth fighting on even if an appeal is lost. That is, of course, if one has the strength to fight on.”

She remains deeply thankful for the support she received from her local CAB.

And Private Eye continue to keep sight of Dr Hunt's story. Here's how they report the developments in their latest issue.


READERS may recall the story of Dr Jane Hunt, a former university research fellow who was denied employment support allowance by Atos despite her ME, which she said “flattened” her – a decision that was upheld by a semi-literate tribunal that accused her of lying, tried to tarnish her character and unnecessarily named an unrelated hepatitis C sufferer (Eye 1324). Following the story, Dr Hunt has been informed by the Tribunals Service that the decision has been set aside and a new hearing will be held.

Private Eye's original story about Dr Hunt

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