Perinatal perspectives on chronic fatigue syndrome | British Journal of Midwifery | June 2012

June 10, 2012

From Intermid, June 2012 (article protected by a paywall).

Perinatal perspectives on chronic fatigue syndrome

Yvonne Christley, Caroline J Hollins Martin, Colin R Martin
British Journal of Midwifery 20(6): 389 – 393 (Jun 2012)

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a severe, systemic, acquired illness which presents with overpowering tiredness that cannot be relieved by rest and is deteriorated through physical and mental activity.

Due to the window of prevalence (20-40 years), some women diagnosed with CFS become pregnant.

Given that CFS targets women in their reproductive years, responsibility is placed upon midwives to educate, support and provide families with advice.

To equip midwives with knowledge about CFS, the objectives of this paper are to provide an overview of: how CFS impacts on reproductive health; the effects of pregnancy on CFS symptoms; CFS-related pregnancy complications; intrapartum management of women with CFS, and postpartum recovery of women with CFS.

To date, only a handful of studies have explored the relationships between CFS and childbearing, and associated complications. A greater understandings of CFS interactions with physical, psychological and social reproductive processes are required.

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