Are there any kind-hearted dog walkers or fosterers in South Wales?

March 14, 2012

Are there any dog walking or fostering charities in South Wales – or simply folk with good hearts – who could take the strain off a lady with ME who has just suffered a major relapse of the illness?

The lady, who lives near Chepstow, Monmouthshire, has two large dogs who she used to walk for an hour a day while she was well enough. She has had ME for over 10 years now and was making good progress until very recently when the relapse hit her for six.

“I have two dogs whom I walk every day (did not do much else but they gave me a reason to get up every day) but, since this relapse, I can't do this any more”, she writes. “Both dogs are large and would walk all day if given the chance but an hour a day is what they're used to. I would say they are not easy dogs to handle so it would have to be someone with a lot of experience of dogs.

“I know the other option is to put them into local kennels but that will cost £15 a day each night, which I could only afford for a short time.”

If you might be interested on taking on this role so the lady can focus on getting better, please email our helpline at and we'll pass your message on.

Please, no messages from commercial pet walking or sitting services. We know you're out there in South Wales because we've just Googled you. But this lady cannot afford you.

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