Would you like to take part in a TV programme about mysterious illnesses?

November 25, 2011

Do you have problem skin? A mystery illness? Or suffer from migraines or aches and pains? If so, Tiger Aspect Productions – one of the UK's leading independent TV production companies – want to hear from you.

The factual department is currently putting together a new medical series for a major broadcaster and they are currently looking for patients with a variety of health/medical problems to take part (please note: the company says the series will be nothing like the recent ˜Embarrassing Bodies” programmes that were broadcast by Channel 4).

The programme's doctors will be exploring differing medical treatments – from traditional modern medicine to more alternative approaches.

Individuals who take part in the programme will of course still be able to continue treatment and support with their current consultant, specialist, GP, or support group.

If you, or anyone you know (18 years old or over), would be interested in taking part in these medical programmes as a patient, please contact Latisha on 0207 544 1602 or email doctordoctor@tigeraspect.co.uk

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