Have you any experience of wearing Laxman Ganzfeld Goggles?

May 28, 2011

We have had an unusual inquiry from someone using our ME Connect helpline for information about “Laxman Ganzfeld Goggles”:


The inquirer writes:

I have been asked by a group member if I know anything about Laxman Goggles – a sound and light therapy recently showcased on The Gadget Show (Channel 5). Also I have been asked about the Mind Spa. I have looked for information on the internet and it hasn't shown me any link with helping M.E.

Do you know anything about these products?

If you have any personal knowledge about this product and can give an opinion about its use in ME/CFS, please email us on meconnect@meassociation.org.uk or use the comment tool on this blog. If you blog comment, your email will never be revealed and you can keep your identity to yourself.

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