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I asked my GP if she was aware of the new NICE guideline on ME/CFS and whether she had read it. The answer was a very firm no and she explained that all doctors are suffering from information overload. So they can’t keep up-to-date with all the new NICE guidelines that appear.
Is there any way in which we could actually get our doctors to read this important new information?


That’s a very good question and I’m afraid there is no easy answer! There are now over 400 NICE Clinical Guidelines – with new guidelines and updated guidelines appearing every week. So doctors don’t have time to read every new or updated guideline and only tend to do so when it’s a subject that really interests them.

Compliance can be improved by encouraging doctors to complete a continuing professional development (CPD) learning module on a new NICE guideline. This will usually earn the doctor a one hour credit towards their annual GMC appraisal and revalidation procedure. We are asking people to let their doctors know about the MIMS Learning module which is about the new guideline on ME/CFS and the StudyPRN Learning module which takes a more in-depth look at diagnosing and managing people with the condition.

You could also provide your GP with a copy of the free ME Association Summary of the NICE Guideline. Dr Shepherd presented his own GP with a hard copy recently and she was very pleased to have it! We will shortly be issuing another free leaflet that explains the recommended care and support plans and the responsibilities of primary and secondary care in more detail.

More information

  • CPD Training with MIMSLearning
    This free poster explains the CPD training course from MIMSLearning that has been designed to help healthcare professionals learn more about the 2021 NICE Guideline on ME/CFS.
  • CPD Training with StudyPRN
    This free poster explains the CPD training course from StudyPRN that has been designed to help healthcare professionals learn more about symptoms, diagnosis, and ongoing care.
  • The NICE Guideline for ME/CFS: An ME Association Summary
    This booklet is available as a free download and is recommended reading. It lets you know what to expect from the NHS and social care services with regard to symptom recognition, diagnosis, management, referral, and ongoing care and support.


Medical Matters is for information purposes only. The answers provided by Dr Shepherd and the ME Association’s other expert advisers should not be construed as medical advice. We recommend that any information you deem relevant is discussed with your GP as soon as possible. It is important to obtain advice from a GP who is in charge of your clinical care, who knows you well, and who can consider other likely causes for symptoms. Seek personalised medical advice whenever a new symptom arises, or an existing symptom worsens. Don't assume that new or worsened symptoms are a result of having ME/CFS.

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