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Please can you explain what biopsychosocial (BPS) means. I keep seeing this term in internet discussions on ME.


BPS or Bio-Psycho-Social is a way of describing the cause and/or the management of ME/CFS.

It is not a term that the MEA endorses.

The Bio part basically means that a biological event such as an infection or immunisation has triggered an illness. However, in the case of ME/CFS, existing evidence indicates that virus has not persisted. So this finding is often interpreted by doctors who like to classify ME/CFS as a BPS condition to mean that there is no longer any biological/Bio involvement present.

Psychosocial means that an illness is being primarily wholly or partially perpetrated by psychological and/or social factors. So management should primarily consist of behavioural interventions such as CBT which are meant to address abnormal illness beliefs and behaviours. Whilst accepting that any long-term debilitating illness is going to have social and psychological effects, the emphasis in the BPS model of causation and management of ME/CFS is normally
placed on these two factors rather than any biological mechanisms. So BPS is not a term that we use in relation to ME/CFS.

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