Contact: Tony Golding
In October 2019, after 30 years in existence,  Network MESH entered a ‘care and maintenance-only' stage of its existence in order to preserve the continuing health of its leading members. The founder-chairman, Tony Golding, told members:
I am certainly not closing the group. We have a database of 155 members, which Martin looks after very efficiently.   The structure will remain in place. We are a registered charity which involves a small amount of work annually to maintain it.  And we are in a good position financially, with money in the bank.  Network MESH will continue to exist on a “care and maintenance” basis until such time that members come forward  who who are able and willing to to start it up again.”                                                      
There will be no more meetings at Mr Golding's home. Newsletters will only be sent out if enough members want to take on that job.

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