Contact: Vice-Chairman: Tom Kindlon.
Address: Irish ME/CFS Association, 12 Beechpark Lawn, Freepost FDN5215, Dublin 15, D15 HX0N, PO Box 3075, Dublin 2, Ireland.

The Irish ME/CFS Association, through our various activities and awareness campaigns, strive to improve the situation for people with ME/CFS and to give them information to empower themselves.

Our activities

– Public meetings in various venues around Ireland (usually with a guest speaker) along with some webinars from time to time
– Newsletters 3 times per year plus dozens of email bulletins each year (with information drawn from around the world)
– Information helpline and telephone support network
– Awareness-raising (especially through the mainstream media and our social media channels)
– Medical educational initiatives (meetings/webinars, mail-outs of information, etc.)
– Advocacy, fundraising for research and other services, etc.

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