Incurably Wonderful, Liverpool


Our patient-led organization, Incurably Wonderful, is dedicated to the support of adults with chronic physical conditions and disabilities. We dedicate our fourth Tuesday of the month, at 10:30 am, to our popular ” CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia Warriors Unite.” Location: Library at the Unitarian Church, York Avenue, Liverpool, L17-2AS. This meeting joins patients of M.E, Fibromyalgia, and Long Covid (diagnosed and yet to be diagnosed). We present the latest research and education. The patient themselves share their lived experiences and personal tips. Additionally, we regularly invite expert guests to talk about coping mechanisms from a professional perspective. These meetings bring about great lively discussions and knowledge that all participants love to take part in.

Any ME/CFS members of the ME Association are welcome to attend. However, spaces are limited so we recommend contacting us either via email: or Facebook  –  messaging board.

Apart from these popular meetings, we also offer other activities to support people with chronic physical conditions, in a variety of ways: Accessible TaiQi & QiGong classes, Chair Yoga, Health and Wellness Clubs, Book Clubs, Games and Coffee, and Natter. Additionally, we offer the fabulous opportunity for participants to make use of a delightful swimming pool, regularly. Incurably Wonderful offers three activities a week. Anyone wishing to receive schedules regularly must send an email to with the following information 1) Full name 2) Contact details and 3) Reasons why they would benefit by attending

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