Contact: Sarah
Telephone: 07597 440836
Devon ME/CFS Carers’ Group meets in Exeter Central Library foyer three times a year, on the first Saturday in March, July and November.
Caring for someone with ME/CFS requires adaptability, steadfast patience and commitment over many years, if not a lifetime. In Devon, carers become managers of housing, employment or education, welfare benefits and ergonomics, as well as physical health, mental health and community (known as social) care. For many of us this makes holding on to our own wellbeing a serious challenge, leaving us sometimes feeling as isolated and as much in need of support as the person diagnosed.
Devon ME/CFS Carers group offers this support, with a warm welcome and a compassionate sense of humour, from local people who know by experience the difficulties and the best ways of surviving them. We are linked with local ME/CFS patient groups but act at our own pace.

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