Sympathetic press interview request | MEA Purple Booklet campaign | 24 May 2012

May 24, 2013

Good morning! I'm looking for someone between the ages of 32 and 58 who is willing to be interviewed by a quarter-of-a-million circulation monthly magazine in connection with our ‘Telling GPs the Truth about M.E.' campaign.

Essentially, this is part of our press/broadcast coverage riding on the back of the distribution of the MEA's clinical guidance booklet to thousands of GP surgeries in the next week or two.

This will be a sympathetic, no-nasty-surprises-up-their-sleeves interview with someone who's found it difficult to get a diagnosis or treatment for their ME/CFS (journalist's words, not mine).

The interviewee will also be asked why it was so important to obtain funding for this distribution of guidance to surgeries. (We raised just over £10,000 for the campaign through last December's Big Give Christmas Challenge).

The interview will be done on the phone and arrangements will then be made for a photographer to call to take “some lovely pictures”.

If you would like to take part, please email me at


Tony Britton | Publicity Manager | The ME Association

1 thought on “Sympathetic press interview request | MEA Purple Booklet campaign | 24 May 2012”

  1. I’ve been ill for 10+ years, have had no diagnosis or any help (beyond a few antidepressant prescriptions) and have just been left to rot – there’s not much more to say than that.

    What is the point in “lovely” pictures? We rarely look “lovely” – and showing us looking good won’t help.

    I have grey skin and bags under the bags under under the bags under my puffy eyes. I can only shower and wash my hair once a week, I haven’t been able to get to the hairdresser for over a year.
    That is what folk with ME really look like. A dirty, straggly, unkempt mess.

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