‘Voices from the Shadows’ film now available for pre-ordering in the UK and Europe

January 26, 2012

DVDs of the ‘Voices from the Shadows' film – the M.E. film that won an American film festival award after its premiere in October last year – are now available for pre-ordering in the UK and Europe.

The 63-minute film was made in Britain by film-makers Natalie Boulton and Josh Biggs and hailed by M.E. expert Professor Leonard Jason as “the most important and significant film on paediatric ME that has ever been produced”.

DVDs can be bought online and it is hoped to start shipping them next week.

In the UK, they will cost £6 each, plus a flat rate of £2 for P&p for any number of disks.

In Europe, they're expected to sell for £8.50 each plus a flat rate of £2.50 for p&p, but the Europe price may be subject to change.

Among those featured on the film are two mothers who both had children with M.E., Criona Wilson and Kay Gilderdale, Professor Malcolm Hooper and MEA paediatric adviser Dr Nigel Speight. There's a meltingly beautiful score by David Poore.

It's a perfect antidote to Rod Liddle. Please make sure it's seen by all readers of ‘The Sun'.

To obtain your copy, please visit the ‘Voices from the Shadows' website HERE

2 thoughts on “‘Voices from the Shadows’ film now available for pre-ordering in the UK and Europe”

  1. Already ordered a copy. I plan to show it to my GP to further educate him and the other Dr’s and staff at the surgery. My Dr is very good and tries his best but knew nothing about ME until I gave him some reading homework to do and refused to go to Professor Anthony Pinching’s CBT/GET NICE clinic. Already had one experience of CBT/GET thank you, not going through it again.

    My Dr still admits that I know a lot more than he does, that he doesn’t know how he can help me any further (even though he wants to) and that he doesn’t have much time to spend reading piles of paperwork about ME so maybe the Voices film will be something he can find time for.

  2. Would the MEA be willing to send Rod Liddle a copy?! Could be £6 wasted as he might just bin it or spill his beer all over it, but who knows…he might even watch it..

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