Church Times article: Surely, things will get better?

October 21, 2021

The Church Times has an article written by a married couple one of whom developed ME/CFS in 1990 and still has the illness. One half covers the experience of the healthy partner and the second is from Malcolm who recounts the challenges he has faced since being affected.


“That summer, Malcolm went down with a virus. That was more than 31 years ago. I remember thinking, at the time, that it would be a week or two, and then he would get better, and we could get on with our second year and planning our wedding. The virus faded, but he didn’t get better. If anything, he got worse.”

“it didn’t help that he didn’t always look ill, as ME can be an invisible disability; so people assumed that he was fine when he really wasn’t.”

Dr Penny Pullan

Unlike many, I was lucky to be diagnosed within a year by a leading consultant, who ruled out any psychiatric causes. I say “lucky”, because many are not believed, or are written off as neurotic or hysterical.

Many GPs know little about ME; so I tend to stay away if I can. I’m amazed at the difference in their attitude when I present with another condition, as I am believed and treated with compassion. After my diagnosis of ME, I struggled on for a few years, but, at the age of 30, I had to retire from work completely as my symptoms worsened. I have never returned.

Dr Malcolm Pullan
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