Episode 4 from ‘Am I Normal?’ What level of tiredness is normal and when should we seek help? BBC Radio 4, 10 August 2011

August 11, 2011

GPs regularly see patients with the complaint of feeling “tired all the time”. It's so common that the acronym TATT is used as shorthand.

But what levels of tiredness are normal and when should we seek help for fatigue and exhaustion? Many illnesses like anaemia, diabetes, cancer, infections or depression can all cause symptoms of tiredness and fatigue. Growth spurts, pregnancy and sleep deprivation can too but what about when there's no obvious underlying illness and symptoms are of chronic fatigue? Vivienne Parry investigates.

Among those interviewed are Professor Julia Newton from the University of Newcastle and Dr Esther Crawley, consultant paediatrician at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatological Diseases at Bath.

To listen to the item, please click HERE. This item is on BBC iPlayer, and will be available to listen to until 4.30pm on Wednesday, 17 August 2011.

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