Covid-19 – Post-Covid Fatigue Syndromes & ME/CFS


The number of people struggling to recover their health following Covid-19 infection appears to be growing. Many of the symptoms are similar to M.E. This is a fully revised free leaflet that covers all the developments that have occurred since April. It also provides helpful guidance and tips for managing Post-Covid Fatigue Syndrome.


“At present, we have no firm indication as to how many people are experiencing persisting ill health following COVID-19 infection.

“However, if current estimates of around 10% of people who were home managed are accurate, this could translate into around 60,000 people with some form of post-COVID ill health that has persisted beyond a month.

  • Long-COVID, post-COVID fatigue and post-COVID fatigue syndrome are all being used as diagnostic labels.
  • Many have debilitating fatigue as a primary symptom.
  • Some have respiratory, heart and other symptoms that are the same, or very similar, to the acute infection – i.e. breathlessness, palpitations, intermittent fevers, loss of taste or smell.
  • Others have symptoms that are very similar to those seen in post-viral fatigue syndromes that can follow any infective illness and may precede ME/CFS.
  • Some have a combination of post viral fatigue syndrome symptoms and acute COVID-19 infection symptoms.
  • In cases where post-COVID syndrome symptoms have persisted for more than three months, and are consistent with those of ME/CFS, a diagnosis of post-COVID ME/CFS should be considered.
  • The ME Association has longstanding experience in the management of post-viral debility, post-viral fatigue syndromes and post-infection ME/CFS.
  • The information and guidance in this leaflet should therefore be of help to people in relation to the management of post-COVID fatigue and some aspects of post COVID syndromes where they overlap with ME/CFS symptomatology.

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