ME Association – ME Hurts!


This leaflet carries factual information and comments from people with M.E. and their loved ones, who explain what it feels like to have this neurological disease.


“One day I caught a virus… and I never got better!”

M.E. often starts that way – with something like a ‘flu virus that knocks you sideways. You expect to get over it in a week or so, but weeks, months and even years go by, and you feel no better…

We believe that well over 250,000 people in the UK are living with this nightmare of an affliction. M.E. stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis. It has other names, including CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome – but the end result is always the same: M.E. hurts!

“I have to choose between brushing my teeth and washing my hair – I don’t have enough
energy to do both,” Dawn.

“At its severest M.E. can be fatal. The very severest lie bedbound in dark rooms, tube fed,
catheterised, paralysed, in horrific pain and unable to tolerate even a slight comforting touch. Merryn, was just 21 when she died,” Clare.

“Severe ME is the pits! – all the good things of life: light, company, entertainment, activity and stimulation become potentially harmful or can feel torturous,” Kathryn.

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