Covid-19 – A Lockdown Summary



Dr Charles Shepherd (Hon. Medical Adviser to the ME Association), summarises the main changes to daily life during the coronavirus national lockdown and how they apply to people with M.E.

This leaflet was published 22 June 2020 and will be updated periodically as and when the government makes further changes and continues to ease the lockdown restrictions.

Contents include:

Controlling the spread of the virus, Hand and Respiratory Hygiene, Vaccine Development, Testing for the virus, What to do if you have symptoms suggestive of
coronavirus infection, Shopping – Food and Medicines, Employment.

Government Guidance: The vulnerable and extremely vulnerable, ME/CFS Research, Progress on the new NICE clinical guideline on ME/CFS, Can pets transmit the infection?, Possible forms of treatment, What should people with ME/CFS do if they
catch Covid-19?, Face Masks.

What should previously healthy people do if they experience symptoms suggestive of post infectious fatigue and/or ME/CFS?, Hospital based referral services for ME/CFS, Further information, ME Association working arrangements.

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