But you did it before… by Mahli Quinn


This is a wonderfully illustrated comic from digital artist Mahli Quinn that can help you to explain M.E. to people who ask about it. Please contact head office for bulk orders.

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How to explain M.E. when people ask you about it

This booklet from digital artist, Mahli Quinn, was created for the ME Association and featured in the Summer issue of ME Essential – the magazine for members. You can visit Mahli's website to view and purchase more of her wonderful illustrations and gifts.

We received such praise for the comic and a great many requests for it to be made more widely available. We have placed it in the website shop, so you can order a hard copy to be delivered to your home, and we are also planning to release a YouTube version of the comic, narrated by Mahli, as soon as we possibly can.

If you want to order Mahli's comic in bulk, then please contact head office who will calculate the price for you.

What a joy it was to read this…I cried laughing recognising myself and what a BRILLIANT way to explain life for us! How do I buy more copies to send to all and sundry?

Just to say how useful the supplement by Mahli Quinn has been for me!  My husband and I moved last week into a serviced retirement apartment and fellow residents are curious when we will be able to meet them. The booklet explains so much in simple terms and the care team aim to distribute it in order to have a general discussion with residents. Well done and thank you Mahli!

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The Comic by Mahli Quinn can be ordered here in the website shop and your order will be posted as soon as possible. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

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