Website: The Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic

Address: York Eco Business Centre, Amy Johnson Way, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4AG
Telephone: 01904 479922

“We are the contracted provider for NHS assessment and rehabilitation for patients with CFS/ME in North Yorkshire, excluding adults in the Harrogate and rural area.

  • We see adults with CFS/ME or other fatigue problems where treatable medical causes have been addressed.
  • We will also provide rehabilitation advice to young people aged 13-17 years old, provided a paediatrician is involved in the care.
  • We offer specialist assessment with a Specialist Occupational Therapist, or can facilitate an assessment with a Consultant Immunologist.
  • We offer either a group based or individual treatment sessions, following the STEP Programme.
  • We can provide sessions by telephone or visual media, such as Skype.
  • We can provide training for health professionals and employers.

“Refer Yourself – if you wish to refer yourself and self fund your assessment and treatment then complete the referral form. Please contact us to find out more about the cost for assessment and treatment.
“NHS Referral – We accept direct referrals from GPs in the North Yorkshire and York area, for patients meeting criteria for the NHS pathway.
“For the Referral Guidelines for GPs click here.  For Harrogate, adults go to the Harrogate CFS Service. We need a GP referral letter with all of your medical information, including copies of your blood tests.
“For patients under other Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS referrals need approval through local commissioning processes before you can be seen in the clinic. Each area will have their own Exceptions Panel arrangements for consideration of funding requests. Find out more about NHS funding.”

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