Website: The Ladybank clinic

Address: Keith Anderson, Ladybank Clinic, Commercial Road, Ladybank, Fife, KY15 7JS
Telephone: 01337 832120


“Scotland’s only specialist nurse-led service for patients with ME/CFS. After initial contact with a patient, Mr Anderson makes a written summery of the consultation and sets up an individual management plan.

“He devises appropriate therapies based on energy conservation, activity management, relaxation techniques, sleep regulation, pain relief, lifting depression and anger, and goal setting. He uses some aspects of CBT in some cases. These therapies may be given individually or in groups, at home or in a specialist clinic.

“Mr Anderson has links with the Social Work Department for the provision of useful equipment, respite care, home help, personal care etc. He can refer patients to home and community education services and to disability advisers at university or college.

“He also has contacts with the Department of Work and Pensions regarding benefits, welfare rights, jobcentres, occupational health, etc, and, importantly too, with paediatric and family support units, which has led to the development of a care pathway for children and young adults in Fife.”

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