Website: The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Therapy Service

Address: George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, College Street, Nuneaton,  Warwickshire, CV10 7DJ
Telephone: CFS Service Lead: 024 7686 5159


“The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Therapy service offers assistance in managing patterns and levels of activity and rest to maximise function, with the aim of reducing an increase in symptoms and flare ups. When patients are referred to the service they will be offered an appointment to have a full holistic assessment. Once a full assessment has been completed with the therapist they will receive a treatment pathway which is bespoke to that person. 

“Treatment pathway can include the following:

  • Pacing and grading of activities – including education about the “boom and bust” cycle of activity.
  • Sleep management – including sleep hygiene and the use of sleep dairies.
  • Work and Educational advice. This may include advice giving to employers and educational establishments.
  • Memory and concentration advice.
  • Rest and relaxation.
  • Stress management advice.
  • Relapse and setbacks advice.

“The aim is to provide patients with the knowledge of how to create the best conditions for recovery to occur, and for patients to become an expert in managing their own condition.”

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